TECAN is developing an expansion project through the conversion of its power plant from OCGT to a CCGT, which will increase its installed capacity by 252 MW, from 324 MW to 566 MW, which represents a boost in its capacity of close to 80%. This installed capacity increase will represent an expansion of approximately 19.8% of our total installed capacity and will allow TECAN to receive incremental OEFs through additional Reliability Charge revenues that were assigned through the auction that took place on February 28, 2019.  As a CCGT, TECAN will become more efficient by reducing its heat rate to approximately 6,618 BTU/KWh, representing an efficiency enhancement of 35% (from 10,219 BTU/KWh under its current OCGT configuration).

Project Progress


Completed Milestones

Milestone 1    Advanced Payment

Milestone 2    Demolition Project and Support to Requisition

Milestone 3    Steam Turbine Generator Turbine Ordered

Milestone 4    Award PO for HRSGs

Milestone 5    Site Arrangement Initial Issue

Milestone 6    Issue Overall General One-Line Issued for Design

Milestone 7    Award PO for Bypass Stacks

Milestone 8    Award Geotechnical Study Subcontract

Milestone 10  Issue HSE Construction Plan Issued for Implementation

Milestone 11   Construction Execution Plan Issued for Implementation

Milestone 12   Main Steam, Feedwater and Condensate Systems P&Ids Issued for Design

Milestone 14   Award PO for Air Cooled Condenser

Milestone 17   Award PO for Generator Step-Up (GSU) and auxiliary Transformers

Milestone  9   Mobilize at Site: Geotechnical, Demolitions and Temporary Facilities

Milestone  13  Award PO for Gas Regulating and Metering Station

Milestone  25  Award PO Alloy Pipe

Milestone  26  Award PO Iso Phase Bus Duct

Milestone 22   Award Civil (Concrete and Underground nets) execution Subcontract

Milestone 23   Bypass stack Foundation Drawing Issued For Construction